Radio Interviews

KTRH Radio Interview on Loneliness, Dr. Seth Silverman interviewed by Scott Crowder, 2017

Criminal Cases

Appellate Review

St. Aubin v Quarterman

Appellate Reversal

Murder conviction reversed regarding  trying 16 year old as an adult:

Death Row

Therapy on inmates on death row:

Competency determination to assess whether inmate is competent to be put to death:

Stay of execution:

District Court appointment to determine  competency to wave capital appeals

Testimony in capital appeals


Testimony in murder-insanity  case in individual found insane in a prior murder case – Pierott v State of Texas:

Testimony in murder-insanity case involving infanticide:

Incarcerated Mental Patient Pregnant Again [Archive] – Prison Talk

Testimony in insanity case where the defendant was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon against a police officer:,1086,1432843779129r

Child Pornography

 Child Pornography Pleadings