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Treat each case uniquely and develop strategies that work and restore hope.

Dr. Silverman’s primary commitment is to his clinical practice of General Psychiatry. He started out in Pediatrics, did full time Emergency Department work, a General Psychiatry Residency and then a Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship.

His interest in Forensic Psychiatry started thirty-five years ago during his clinical rotations in Psychiatry. Dr. Silverman returned the call of a lawyer who was retained in a patient’s divorce. Back then psychiatrists, and indeed most MD’s, did not return lawyers’ phone calls. Fast forwarding, Dr. Silverman devotes two thirds of his time to his clinical practice of Psychiatry and the remainder of his time to Forensic Psychiatry.

Dr. Silverman has received numerous awards from hospitals, staff, employees and the State regarding his team leadership and excellence in clinical skills.

Please note that most of the content of Dr. Silverman’s website refers to criminal forensic outcomes-not because he devotes most of his time to these endeavors but more, these cases make the news. Civil Forensic Psychiatry rarely does and the outcomes of his clinical practice, although important and dear to his heart, are for obvious reasons private and protected.

Dr. Silverman regularly consults on civil and criminal forensic cases that were thought to have no contributing mental health issues. His unique training and experience helps him understand the interplay of psychiatric, psychosocial and medical factors that might otherwise be missed in a civil or criminal forensic case. Dr. Silverman’s consultations and participation in cases consistently result in unique strategies and outcomes.

He is licensed in Texas and Florida and has traveled nationally to perform evaluations.


Dr. Silverman has evaluated and treated many individuals who have been involved in civil litigation. Recently, because of success in evaluating and treating individuals with PTSD, the plaintiff, defendant, and insurance companies selected Dr. Silverman to provide treatment to a plaintiff who had a PTSD from a conflict in the Middle East. The insurance company agreed to pay for the therapy and provide resources as deemed necessary by Dr. Silverman to restore the plaintiff to his previous level of functioning. After seven months of treatment, the individual had few, if any, symptoms of his PTSD, had returned to school and work, had resumed his hobbies and enjoyed increased intimacy with his family. He reported that he can’t remember when he has felt so well.  There are other individuals who have experienced this kind of success utilizing Dr. Silverman’s treatment model for PTSD.



An individual with no documented mental health history was charged with a felony, sex-related offense. The defendant was referred to Dr. Silverman because “something was not right”. Dr. Silverman diagnosed the defendant to be suffering from Asperger’s Disorder. He opined that the disorder greatly influenced the quality and meaning of the defendant’s relationships, which then greatly affected the defendant’s behavior when he committed the instant offense. Eventually, a plea was worked out that resulted in significantly less time served by the defendant than originally offered.

Dr. Silverman has been retained by complainants and respondents, and prosecutors and defense counsel. In addition, he has been appointed by Federal and State judges. He has testified for both prosecution and defense in death penalty cases and has treated and provided therapy to female and male inmates who were housed in jails, prisons and on Death Row. He has written risk assessments and participated in different types of appeals; including appeals that resulted in the stay of execution of two death row inmates, and an appeal that resulted in the reversal of a murder conviction.

Dr. Silverman has been involved in the evaluation, diversion and treatment of defendants and provided regular feedback to the courts regarding the defendants’ progress.

In part, because of his diverse experiences, in 2006 he was asked to co-found the course “Mental Health Issues in Criminal Law” at the University of Houston Law School. 

Dr. Silverman divides his time between his clinical, and civil and criminal forensic practices. He believes that his clinical experience allows him to provide more in-depth, unique and timely forensic assessments and strategies.

He is a frequent contributor to local media.

References are furnished upon request and he welcomes informal Civil and Criminal Forensic psychiatric consults.

Seth Silverman, M.D.


Houston Office:

4203 Montrose Blvd,
Suite 310
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Florida Office:

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